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The steel, cold at first, is heated to more than 1000 ° C to be molded. When cut, it produces sparks that burn on the skin, mark the clothes and burn the hair strands.

The saw that roars at 6000rpm, sharpens all the senses, keeping you alert and fearful. Steel edges and burrs shine when cut and soon turn orange with rust, which corrodes everything it touches.

This is the steel that arrives at the studio of the plastic artist Tiago Curioni, who soon tries to cut it into hundreds of cutouts scattered on the floor, in a random and inaccurate manner. A sketch tries to organize the thought, but the truth is that the piece that will emerge from there, not even the artist will know how it will be. Fatally it will be assembled and reassembled several times and will never end as you would have imagined it would be at the beginning. An artist's life is, if not this: a constant fight with his work. The dissatisfaction he struggles with in his perfectionist personality is perhaps his greatest misfortune. Yes, it is this struggle between creature and creator, where the end only happens when one of the two surrender or both are overcome by tiredness.

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